About Samantha


Samantha Varnerin never likes to sit still, so naturally she picked a career that should have her on the move all the time: a construction project engineer.  It fit her analytical and curious mind well, but the more she dug into her work, she realized that what she loves most about being on the move is that she gets to meet new and interesting people to befriend, learn from other people's experiences, and provide value in other people's lives.  Many a time she has made a friend simply by complimenting their shoes, watch, or earrings.  Other times she simply goes to parties and stands in the kitchen with people and inevitably divulges into Deep, Meaningful Conversations, the most beautiful thing she can ever create in a kitchen (especially since she's not that great of a cook... yet!).  While she herself identifies as an extroverted ambivert, many of the friends she makes are very kind introverts that have a deep love for life.  After helping many friends acclimate to their new social settings post-college and happily connecting her friends to each other, she realized that there was a need for someone to explain how to make friends outside of their friend groups as adults, such as when they move to a new town or when they have a falling out with an entire group of friends for one reason or another.

Samantha believes that constant self-improvement and personal philosophy development creates more vibrant and open people, and she looks both outward and inward for life inspiration to move forward with her own ambitions every day. She believes that her life is never boring due to not only what happens in it, but what she attracts into her life and how she perceives the things that go on around her.  She believes that everyone is capable of making their life more interesting and shaping it however they want, but they may need the right influence in their life to get them there.

As part of her never-boring life, she participates in many non-boring activities such as ballroom dancing, watching anime, playing board games, volunteering both officially and unofficially for events, attending random festivals she finds that are happening on Facebook, getting lost in Boston, testing out last-minute social experiments with large groups of people, and simply taking up her friends on many of the random activities that they invite her to since the opportunity to change the course of your life for the better can happen at any time.