So I'm going to NYC for New Years

I'm notorious for last-minute plans when it's just me I'm worrying about. I appreciate my independence and my ability to enforce that. It's something that as I move in and out of relationships I hope I can continue to maintain.

Now before I get into this more, I want to explain that I am doing my best NOT to be irresponsible about this.  My goal is to not end up being like the mom that went to Europe and left her kids at home unattended.  In fact, this is more of a working holiday.

You see, New York City is definitely NEVER boring. It's surprising how much so. I was there back in April and got overstimulated by how much was around me. And that wasn't even my first trip! I was primed for whatever I was running into!

But what pushed me over the edge to go isn't all the excitement. The appeal for me to go is to escape and work as long as I desire (until New Years Eve, of course) as uninterrupted as I'd like to. It's a chance for me to dig deep and not be obligated to anyone else and just focus on this. Even when I'm by myself in Boston, I don't always feel like my time is always mine. This trip is forcing me to make it mine.

It's the home of several coworking spaces AND a community of people I love and adore from the World Domination Summit I've attended twice now. It also just happens to knock off a bucket list item to see the ball drop (or at least be in the same city as it's happening).

And it's so much cheaper than I thought too! A quick look at Hostelworld and Wanderu made it really easy to find tickets to go and a recently built hotel that has a dorm style room to get there easily without breaking the bank. In fact, since it's a work trip and my primary focus is to work, I can use my business and travel funds to pay for anything that's not considered entertainment (which, for my friends, is completely separate from my "OH SHIT I NEED TO PAY THE BILLS" fund because Sam needs to actually have business expenses not get to an Oh-Shit level).

But I need to back up and do things at a pace I can enjoy. I guess it would make sense to go somewhere less stimulating, but I also want to be around the vibe of parties and work combined. I want to be in the space of other entrepreneurs even if I haven't met them yet. I want to check up on the people I care about out there. I want to find a class and feel like, despite my best efforts of 2017 throwing me a million curveballs from blocking my plans to move to Detroit as I planned to picking up responsibility for a new event to seeing my bank accounts reach the red and bounce back to relationships that went way worse and way better than I had thought they would go to going on Adderall and realizing my depression could have been solved a long time ago to truly realizing I'm free to pursue whatever I want... whew, deep breath before I keep going! ...

... despite all of that, I want to feel like I can be on my own and still feel like my own person that is slowly getting her shit together and finds random adventures (and not be stupid; my disclaimer is to not do anything illegal or shit like that) wherever she goes.

I've been traveling a lot not on my own this year, and I loved those trips so much; my travel buddy was such a great addition on the road.  After traveling so much on my own in 2016 and not as much in 2017, I realized it's something I really miss because I can make plans for me and only have to consider my needs and wants. It replendished me every time I could do that. I take comfort in only looking at my schedule and choosing my own adventure.

And let's be honest. NYC is the perfect place to choose your own adventure.