I Don't Let My Freak Flag Fly. I Wear it Like a Cape and Dance Like a Maniac So Everyone Sees It.

Within eight measures, I found myself thanking Andrea and excusing myself from the conversation to find a safe place to put down my off-white wristlet and my gift box that they had given all the guests at the party to keep closed until we opened them together, and with each step I took towards the music I found my Inner Child jumping with joy to the beat, ready to be unleashed from her cage and fully coming out on the dancefloor.

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You are Not a Vulcan, and Neither is Anyone Else.

Friends often tell me about something that happened to them and they're angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, and whatever crazy range of emotions they feel on a daily basis. "She said this to me! Can you believe that? She pissed me off really good..."

But what I find even more interesting is that a lot of the times, these same friends say in the same breath that they don't understand why they feel this way and they want to stop feeling this way. They can't justify feeling this way and they feel guilty for having such a strong emotional reaction.

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